Fontainebleau Miami Beach – Features

Imagine the unique benefits of being both a condo owner and a pampered hotel guest. At Fontainebleau II and III in Miami Beach, that’s exactly what you get. Located on Millionaire’s Row, the Fontainebleau condo-hotel towers combine the exclusivity of an elegant condominium community with the numerous amenities of one of Miami Beach’s most famed resorts.

Fully decorated and fully furnished, escape to Fontainebleau whenever you’d like and for as long as you’d like. And unlike most condo-hotels, you can also choose the Fontainebleau Miami Beach as your permanent residence. Fabulous tropical resort living can be your way of life whenever!

Fontainebleau Miami Beach – Amenities

This family-oriented oasis features 1,200 feet of white sand oceanfront beach, 18 acres of incomparable recreation, a world-class spa and fitness center, exclusive owners’ lounge, and more. Adventure outside the resort is equally exciting, with all the entertainment, dining, and great shopping on Ocean Drive just steps away.

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