Sometimes You Just Need To Laugh

Omg.  I watched this on YouTube and laughed so hard…I cried.  This has NOTHING to do with Miami real estate.  So if you want Miami real estate today….ya ain’t gettin’ it.  Lighten up and laugh.

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Christmas Came Early For Me:”Miami Social” Starts Filming 2nd Season in March UPDATED

Just in! Santa is being waaaay too generous. What a gift! Knowing that another season of good laughs are right around the corner just makes me feel all warm, and well, like I have a snuggie on!

Michael Cohen confirmed the goodness today on his Facebook page.

To be honest, I’d like to know what’s going on with “the most fabulous circle in Miami.” (Watch the trailer, you’ll get it).

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South Beach Condo Blog: “There Ain’t No App for That!”

Housekeeping Items

The name of this blog is South Beach Condo Blog. The url of this blog is
This blog is the #1 Miami, Miami Beach, and South Beach real estate blog – and I’m pretty proud of that. With that comes added pressure.

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Gerald Posner Reveals Miami’s Dirty Little Secrets in “Miami Babylon”

  New Expose Ends Party in Miami. Literally.   Set to hit bookstores next week, Gerald Posner’s new tell-all on Miami, Miami Babylon, is creating quite the buzz here with the “old guard.”  After reading advance copies of the book, it seems that the wealthy and powerful have decided to take a pass on the […]

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