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Foreclosures and Short Sales in Miami Beach and South Beach Luxury Condos

I’ve done a round-up of all the short-sales, foreclosures, and bank-owned luxury condos in Miami Beach.  I’m sure there are more, but not all of these types of properties get listed in the MLS, which is what I’m using for my source.

First off, AQUA Allison Island Condos has four units available for sale:

  1. 6103 Aqua Avenue #201 – 1/1.5, 1380 sf, $369,000
  2. 6103 Aqua Avenue #901 – 4/4.5, 2766 sf, $1,200,000 (no balcony)
  3. 6103 Aqua Avenue #704 – 3/3.5, 2203 sf, $970,000
  4. 6103 Aqua Avenue #601 – 3/3.5, 2203 sf, $899,900

Next, Murano Grande in South Beach, has three condos listed for sale:

  1. 400 Alton Road #2309 – 2/2, 1437 sf,  $874,900
  2. 400 Alton Road #2209 – 2/2, 1437 sf, $850,000
  3. 400 Alton Road #605 – 2/2, 1437 sf, $850,000

The Green Diamond Condo in Millionaires’ Row has two units:

  1. 4775 Collins Avenue #1804 – 2/2 + den, 1550 sf, 2 parking spaces, $765,000
  2. 4775 Collins Avenue #1505 – 2/2, 1380 sf, $750,000

Bel Aire on the Ocean in North Beach has one unit:

  1. 6515 Collins Avenue #703 – 2/2, 1126 sf, $630,900 

6000 Indian Creek in Millionaires’ Row:

  1. 6000 Indian Creek #1801 – 2/2, 1300 sf, $650,000  

Oceanside Plaza in Millionaires’ Row:

  1. 5555 Collins Avenue #16Y – 2/2, 1350 sf, $470,000

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Miami Beach Real Estate: AQUA Allison Island-Better Than a Foreclosure

Here it is:

Gorlin at AQUA Living Room

Unit #501 is available for $999,000.  This unit is completely finished and ready to move into.

Unit #901, which was a foreclosure,  closed in June, 2007 in the Gorlin Building at AQUA at Allison Island for $1,065,000.  The unit had a beautiful view and was unfinished.

Gorlin at AQUA

So, for all who ask me about a “good deal,” here it is.

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South Beach: So cool even the buildings need sunglasses?

my doctor’s office

Whenever I go to my doctor’s office, I sit in the exam room waiting for him. I always notice these funky metal shades that cover the windows and I decided to do some research and find out what these ‘things’ are called. I obviously knew that it was for some kind of sun protection but I wanted to know more. They are called brise-soleil. I see them mainly on late 50’s and early 60’s era buildings but lately I have seen on NEW buildings too. Lets take a tour!

Mellon Bank building

This is the Mellon Bank building which is ‘kitty corner’ from my doctor’s office. In the older buildings brise-soleil, from what I have observed, were only put on the east, south and west exposures.

The Montclair Lofts

This is a photo of the Montclair Lofts. This building was built in 2005. This building is located at the corner of 17th & Meridian Avenue and is across the street from my doctor’s office. The brise-soleil on this building is used for privacy as well as an architectural element. As you can see the metal is not aging well. The building was designed by haute architect Chad Oppenheim , he has done a lot edgy stuff (condos & homes) here in the Miami area.

Gorlin at AQUA

This is the Gorlin building at AQUA Allison Island. This building was built in 2004 and has brise-soleil on the east, south and west sides of the building. Obviously, the building did not need sun-shading today!