The famous “Castle” will be a distant memory, soon!  Bill Roedy, Chairman and CEO of MTV Networks International, has purchased the land for $4.42M.

4462 North Bay Road

The house “mysteriously” burned to the ground on July 17th, 2009, under very dicey circumstances.  Well, the new owner, who now lives at luxe Il Villaggio on South Beach plans to, of course, knock down the remains and build something (hopefully) more attractive on the VERY desirable piece of land.  Calvin Klein will be his neighbor to the north.

The next obvious question is: Will Snookie party here? Too bad the house burned down; the original house was perfect for a season of “South Beach Shore.”

4462 N Bay Road

Spectacular Inferno Melts “The Castle”


North Bay Road is home or has been home to many high profile people like Calvin Klein, Ricky Martin, The Bee Gees, Matt Damon, and JLO.

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