Miami Beach Real Estate: Rapper Lil Wayne Lists South Beach Condo for $2.8M

SBCB Exclusive

Rapper Lil Wayne, who is about to head to the pokey for a gun possession charge, listed his South Beach condo for$2.8M.  The four bedroom condo is located in the Murano Grande Condominium at 400 Alton Road in Miami Beach.  The list price is very, very reasonable which suggests that the owner, for some reason, is motivated.  (What could it be?)

The rapper has a penchant for prime Miami Beach real estate.  He has been renting a 15,000 square foot modern mansion on ULTRA-exclusive La Gorce Island from a real estate developer –and was considering condominiums at Apogee South Beach.

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    I must admit, there is a part of me that is a bit envious and I would love to be rich and splurge like that, but then again, I don’t need it. Staying in a place like that for a week or so would be cool, but I’m sure even he gets bored of it.. as we all do with our homes.

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    Love the house; I would never get bored living somewhere like that. I’ve never been to Miami but I really like the high rises they have; we don’t have that much here in Orange County.

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    I see the pictures of the real estate and it is a nice one . I see the price list of the real estate  and it is a quiet affordable .

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    The price might sound high yet the competition is stiff for luxury Miami Florida condos.