Santa is being waaaay too generous.  What a gift!  Knowing that another season of good laughs are right around the corner- just makes me feel all warm, and well, like I have a Snuggie on!

Michael Cohen confirmed the goodness today on his Facebook page

To be honest, I’d like to know what’s going on with “the most fabulous circle in Miami” (Watch the trailer, you’ll get it).

I saw Gonzalo, Sorah’s bf, having dinner at Quattro on Lincoln Road a few weeks ago.  I know that George French has moved out of the apartment at the Grand Venetian and now lives at Canyon Ranch.  Detoxing, maybe?  Anyhoo–Michael’s on Facebook.  And for being as “fabulous” as he is, no one sees the uber-weathly, and charming, Ariel.  Gotta love that Ariel “get the fat bitch out of my seat” Stein.

The success of the show has apparently trickled down to the hotel where the show was primarily shot: Gansevoort South Beach. Gansevoort South Beach is scheduled for a foreclosure auction next month.



Watch the trailer from season one for holiday goodness:

These are reasons you SHOULDN’T drink and Facebook.  Confirmed by Bravo! that the show will not be headed for a second season.  Seems like the Gansevoort and “Miami Social” are headed for the discount bin at the Dollar Store.

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