Days Before Art Basel: Was Romero Britto’s Art Vandalized? Is It Prettier Now?

Just days before Art Basel, The World’s largest art fair, it appears that Romero Britto’s art, has been vandalized.

Britto’s work perched at the entrance of Miami Beach, at the new “mall” at Fifth and Alton, greets visitors and residents as they cross the MacArthur Causeway into South Beach.

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Miami Beach Real Estate: Luxury Waterfront Stats for 3Q 2009

Much like the high-end condos, Miami Beach waterfront homes had a tough go of it in the early part of this year. But, all told, the impact of the real estate correction will be most felt in the luxury waterfront sector. Our first ‘big’ sale didn’t come until June, and still stands unrivaled.

Venetian Islands: Whaaa?
What really raised my eyebrow was the lack of sales on the Venetian Islands for the first half of the year. During the first half of 2008

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Miami Beach Real Estate: 3QT 2009 Stats for Condos in South of Fifth Neighborhood

This has been a very interesting year. I’ve said before that the SoFi neighborhood in South Beach has weathered the real estate storm like a champ. Our busiest time of the year begins with Art Basel at the beginning of December and continues well into June.

For the previous few years, the week of Art Basel has been incredible. Last year was the year of NO action; and it only got worse from there. While inventory languished on the market for the first half of the year, sellers seemed to hear the message. List prices dropped, and dropped fast.

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