Housekeeping Items

The name of this blog is South Beach Condo Blog. The url of this blog is

This blog is the #1 Miami, Miami Beach, and South Beach real estate blog – and I’m pretty proud of that. With that comes added pressure. I’m grateful for the success of this blog, but I know that maintaining this blog and running my business is too much for one person. (Even if that one person is me.)

South Beach Condo Blog Is Hiring

Yup. I’m looking for an exceptional (read: EXCEPTIONAL) intern to work for me.

Ideally, I’m looking for a college-age person who has a very strong interest in real estate, journalism, and new media. I never went to journalism school, but I’m looking for someone who is a FREAK (read: Jeff Lewis) when it comes to details. The ideal candidate should posses strong grammar and writing skills, exceptional stats/graphs/charting skills, (read: excel–or other nifty charting software) and also have an interest in social media.  I’m not perfect when it comes to that kinda stuff, but I expect the perfect candidate to be.  Ha!

Access to Information

Without the access to good info, your potential position would suck.  I have access.  I know everyone coming and going in this city.  I know “things” before “things” happen; and access to that type of info is CRITICAL.  I’ve even scooped the  traditional media on a few doosies.

About Me

I’m cranky.  I’m moody.  I’m a perfectionist.  I’m not “into” excuses and have zero tolerance for being ill-prepared (read: R.E.A.D). I use a Blackberry. iPhones are for sissies. But, I will give special dispensation to the perfect candidate if he/she has a iPhone (read: glorified Game Boy).


None.  But even though I’m a perfectionist, I’m a nice guy.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to work HARD 
  • How to do things RIGHT. 
  • How to recognize a window of opportunity and capitalize on it 
  • How to make things happen
  • Residential real estate

Qualified persons should send a message via Facebook.