I was driving through Miami Beach this week when my friend @bethbutler said “oh my god, Courteney Cox is a real estate agent!”  I was like “whatever.  It’s probably dufus some real estate agent trying to look like her…blah blah.”  Beth yells “stop your Bentley convertible and back up.”

Beth popped off this shot (Notice the two other signs in front of the house—could the owner be  ANYMORE desperate?).

I decided to clean out my email and came across this pic that Beth emailed to me from her phone.  I go to the Web site and it’s ABC!

Then I began to think:  “ABC is trying a viral promotion for Cougar Town.”

The “Cougar Town” sign is really bad–but the other two signs of desperation in the background really gave me a chuckle.

I know a few “cougars” in my office just a few streets north of this sign.

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