Miami Beach Real Estate: Lenny Kravitz Lists Home; Prominent Sunset Island Estate Listed for $29,900,750

Ok, ok.  I’m here to feed the monster that I’ve created for celebrity real estate stuff.

Today, Lenny Kravitz listed his home on Biscayne Point in Miami Beach,which is an island about 10 minutes north of South Beach.  No pics are in the MLS yet, but as soon as they are available–I’ll put ’em here.

  • Price: $2,850,000
  • Sq. Ft.: 5,717

Lenny Kravitz' Miami Beach home

 Kravitz also used to own a home on tony Sunset Island #2 in Miami Beach and in 2005 sold it to Stephen Muss, (“old” owner of the Fontainebleau Hotel) for $14.5M.

Other Celebrity News:

Shaq re-lists (yawn) Star Island home for $22.5M, again. 

Sunset Island Estate on Market for $29,900,750

1736 W. 28th Street, Miami Beach

In related news, one of the most prominent estates in South Florida came on the market this week for $29,900,750 (Where did they get that get number from?).  The one-story estate located at 1736 W. 28th Street on Sunset Island #1, and “named” Villa Tranquilla, was designed by noted Palm Beach architect Mauricio FatioFatio has designed other homes on Miami Beach’s La Gorce Island and many more in Palm Beach.

Villa Tranquilla is owned by George Lindemann, Jr., son of entreprenuer and art collector George Lindemann, Sr.   “Tranquilla” was recently re-worked refreshed by German architect Annabelle Selldorf.

In 2008, George Lindemann, Sr. and his wife Frayda, sold their home at 60 Blossom Way, in Palm Beach, to Victor Vargas for $68.5M.

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  • Jim Reppond


    The link to the Lenny Kravitz listing has the price at $2,850,000, but here on your blog you say the price at over 29 million. Which is it?

  • Kevin Tomlinson

    It is $2,850,000. I just edited for clarity.

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  • Kevin Grieco

    I’ve been in George’s home before and it’s quite stunning. He has the most amazing modern art collection in the house and one of the best private collections around. The guest house out back has a large gym.

  • Kevin Tomlinson

    I’m a friend of George as well and have been in the house many times. I really wasn’t focusing at all on the art—unless it conveys with the property–which I’m sure it doesn’t.

  • Ryan

    Hi Kevin,

    Is there more photos of the beautiful ‘La Tranquilla’ available for viewing? What an amazing property.

    On a side note I’ve seen Lenny’s place inside, very very wild!



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  • devinharry

    The link to the Lenny Kravitz listing has the price at $2,850,000, but here on your blog you say the price at over 29 million. Which is it?

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