Last night was the opening of Art Basel 2008.  Typically, on the first day (Vernissage) VIPs are admitted in waves depending on their level of fabulousness.  The earlier in the more fabulous you are.  A complete madhouse would be a perfect way to describe the scene.  Lots of “arty” looking people.  I saw a man walking around holding a plastic baby, and I heard a few more stories of funny kooks doing things to “express” themselves.

Art Basel 2008











Next, was the VIP room, or, The Collector’s Lounge.

The VIP Lounge at Art Basel Miami Beach











Doin’ VIP:  Journalist Bobby Kilgore; my good friend, Linda Lee, who knows everything about everyone AND everyone related to the art and design world; and artist Eames Demetrios, the grandson of interior product design legends Charles and Ray Eames.

Spotted in the crowd:  Designer to the stars, Tui Pranich, photographer and local celeb, Iran Issa-KahnMonica Nishi (I think she has taken a lovah!), Rich Santelises, Eric Newill, Gary James, Louis Aguirre, and architect Alex Gorlin.

Note:  Linda chronicles everything about Art Basel and the Satellite Fairs on her Web site:  Where to go?  What’s happening tonight?  What happened last night?
Linda knows.

Mondrian South Beach











Next we were off to the opening of something at the new Mondrian South Beach.  I heard it was the restaurant (Asia de Cuba)–but a party is a party, to me.  The place was crazy!  I have to say, I’ve been here for 15 years and not much impresses me anymore…but Mondrian did!  Here’s a bad shot of the place from my Crackberry.  The interiors were done by Marcel Wanders.  Surreal is the word I would use to describe the interiors.  Really high-end, too!   The pool area is sexy, as is the whole place.  Alice in Wonderland meets South Beach!  The crowd was exceptionally GREAT looking.  It reminded me of an Ocean Drive party from the early years.

Spotted in crowd:  Keith Menin, Philip Levine, Kimberly Martin, Andres Guzman, Eugene Rodriguez, Peter Belmonte, Ricky Elias. I was told that Brad Pitt was there earlier in the evening.