I’ve been in Miami Beach and South Beach for 16 years as of today.  I remember when I moved here; I actually had to leave the Beach to buy housewares (mop, toaster, everything!). There was nothing on the Beach. We had to leave for everything.  There weren’t many places to go to lunch. On Lincoln Road, we had choices like Granny Feelgood’s, the counter at Woolworths (does anyone have a picture of the counter?), The Beehive, and El Rancho Grande (it was half the size it is now.)

Fast-forward 16 years to one of the most explosive renaissances of any city anywhere.

Publix in North Beach
Publix in North Beach

It looks as if the North Beach area is going to be getting a state-of-the-art, hurricane-proof Publix.  It seems that grocery chain is in the final stages of getting the 46,000 sf store.  According to the article in Sunday’s Miami Herald, some neighborhood activists don’t want a large-surface lot for parking.  Um, hello! People need to park somewhere.

It will take about two years to build once construction begins.

I’ve heard through the grapevine that this Publix is slated to be one of their new upscale stores to compete with Whole Foods.  I’m sure that will make all the new owners and guests at Canyon Ranch Living Miami Beach, which is directly across the street, very happy.

[Source:  Miami Herald]

The Fresh Market in South Beach

The city unanimously approved the 22,000 sf store in the Sunset Harbour neighborhood in South Beach.  According to the Miami Herald, The Fresh Market will be located at the corner of 18th and West Avenue.  No time was given on the completion of the project.

Segafredo in SoFi/South Beach

A popular hangout on Lincoln Road and now on Brickell Avenue, Segafredo will be opening street-side at 124 Collins Avenue, just a few doors up from Nemo Restaurant.  I’m particularly excited about this one. I love the one on Lincoln Road, but most times it’s just too hectic, so a sexy SoFi location is sure to be a huge hit.  To be honest, I’m kind of annoyed that I didn’t think of the idea first. It’s going to be an instant hit with all those residents in the condos of the neighborhood (Continuum, Apogee, ICON, Murano, et al).

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