Rick & Alex from SotP

Last week I was invited to a great holiday dinner hosted by MiamiBeach411.com at Tuscan Steak in South Beach.

It was great to meet the crew from this popular Miami Beach info site: Gus Moore, Michelle Willett, and Mirna Arce. I know other people from their org were present, but the event was so well-attended that it was hard to maneuver around the room.

So, I showed up only about 30 minutes late to find, like, half of the restaurant full of Miami bloggers. I am amazed and surprised that there is such a large contingent of Miami bloggers. I had NO idea. Truth be told, I was dragging a bit that day (Basel hangover) and had only planned on staying about 45 minutes, but I had the good fortune of sitting between Michelle Willett and Dan Renzi (yes, that guy from The Real World) and across from my friend, Lucas Lechuga, so the conversation was fun, and the hours zipped by. So here is a list of some of the Miami bloggers and their blogs for you to enjoy. I haven’t been to all of the blogs yet, but I will.

Scott – http://www.ipanemic.com/
Maria – http://sexandthebeach.blogspot.com/
Yvette – http://miamirhapsody.blogspot.com/
Sara – http://allpurposedark.blogspot.com/
Rick – http://stuckonthepalmetto.blogspot.com/ R.I.P.
Alex – http://stuckonthepalmetto.blogspot.com/ R.I.P.
Dan Renzi – http://danrenzi.typepad.com/
Christian – http://www.fanless.com
Michael Froomkin – http://www.discourse.net/
Caroline Bradley – http://blenderlaw.umlaw.net/
Restaurantgal – http://www.restaurantgal.com/
Lucas Lechuga – http://blog.miamicondoinvestments.com/
Verticus – http://miamivisionblogarama.blogspot.com/
Tere – http://tere-tere.blogspot.com/
James Burnett – http://burnettiquette.blogspot.com/
Carlos – http://www.flickr.com/photos/fodder/
Restaurant Gal – http://www.restaurantgal.com/

I’ll miss SotP