Need to know what to do?  Where to go?  Basel and the satellite fairs get bigger and bigger every year.  Finally, there is a website which debuted last week to help guide you through the parties, the scene and oh yeah, THE ART.


Ma2dweek 2

WWW.MA2DWEEK.COM is a sassy guide to the week, from distress offerings of last-minute hotel rooms, to invitations to a Basel Schmazel party in New York (for those unfortunates who didn’t make it to Miami). It tells you what private parties are on, and where, so you can say, “Oh, I knew that,” when someone says Bentley is going to throw a party on a “private island” for its 50 VIP clients. (Hint, the island may be exclusive, but it’s not really “private.”) It even has a link to Plum TV so you can pretend you’ve already seen the Scholl’s new installation at their home. And it’s smart. On its printable daily schedule, it highlights the strategic plan for the day. Wednesday’s hint: see the Margulies collection in the morning, go to see Iggy Pop at 10 pm. Both are free. Everyone in Miami says it’s the best and only schedule they are following.