Lesley Abravanel from the Miami Herald reported in her blog that Madonna is house-hunting in Miami. While reading her article today , I felt that a couple things did not make sense:

  1. If Madge was looking for privacy, Golden Beach would be the LAST place she would consider because the oceanfront homes are on a VERY public thoroughfare (A1A) and though beach is not private you CANNOT stop on the beach in this town.

  2. I would have known about it.

So I made some calls.

Madonna is in LONDON. No plans to buy in Miami—-NADA.

You can tell it is summer in Miami—rumors and hearsay make their way to the front pages of newspapers and BREAKING NEWS on websites. I remember like a year or so ago when it was “reported” that Britney Spears was buying in Miami Beach, I received calls from media all over the country; and the girl never toured a single property. Actually she wasn’t even IN TOWN when it was reported that she was looking. AHH summertime in Miami!

Almost forgot, the Herald says Janet Jackson is looking to buy here in Miami.  She (Janet) has been threatening us with this for years! 

Oh, and please don’t be offended by the picture I chose; it’s not like we haven’t seen it ALL already!