Coming Soon: Canyon Ranch Living Hotel, Spa & Condos Miami Beach

Today I went to a presentation by the Canyon Ranch Miami developer. To give you a little background on me and my history of this project, I have been a fan of this project since BEFORE the project was launched over three years ago. The project consists of three towers on OVER 6 acres of oceanfront property which encompasses 1100 linear feet of prime Miami Beach ocean frontage. The 21 story south tower, which are condo residences only, has 143 units, the 16-story center tower, which is the historic Carillon building, has 151 condo-hotel units (floors 2-10) and 80 condo residences (floors 11-16). The north tower, which is the tallest building at 35 storys, has 207 units including 7 direct oceanfront townhomes

Canyon Ranch: More Than Just Real Estate

Since the inception of this project, my focus has been on the real estate side of the project for the obvious reasons. After today’s presentation, I am even more excited about this project and what it brings to Miami Beach because it is SO much more than just another condo or condo-hotel. Canyon Ranch Living Miami Beach, which is dubbed “where the wealthy get healthy”, is more about the amenities and healthy lifestyle than the real estate.

The “Power of Possibility” is their slogan and today I learned exactly what it means. Many people come to “The Ranch” to change their lifestyle, to de-stress, get in shape and learn healthy living habits. I saw this incredibly interesting video where a 54 year-old man went to Canyon Ranch in Tucson, AZ and Lenox, MA for four months. They tested him at the beginning of his stay and determined that two of his arteries were 70% clogged, he had numerous ailments and he said he was taking about 17 Advil a day! The doctors estimated that this 54 year-old man had the body of an 84 year-old. After his four month stay at Canyon Ranch, his arteries showed NO SIGNS of blockage, lost 30 lbs. and doctors estimated that the 54 year-old NOW had the body of a 52 year-old man. Fascinating!

Update: Closings to Begin in Late July

The south tower (condo residences) is estimated to begin closings in late July. The center (Carillon) tower closings are estimated to start in September. The hotel and spa will have a soft opening by year’s end.

Back to Business

The reason why I continue to like this project so much is because throughout Miami and Miami Beach the branded projects like Setai, ICON and W South Beach continue to do well even in today’s market. Comparing other branded projects to Canyon Ranch is not fair because Canyon is so much more than just a brand it is a destination! The south and center (Carillon) towers have been SOLD OUT for about two years! There are re-sales available in south & center towers and the developer has great buys on the remaining units in the north tower. Prices in the north tower are about $1000-$1100 p.s.f. for western exposure, and $1100-$1200 p.s.f. for oceanfront units, which is a very fair buy for direct oceanfront luxury property.

  • David A Podgursky MBA

    You are right about Canyon Ranch. I have seen this development on the inside as well. It is spectacular and the combination of the spa with the condos and condo-hotel units just adds to the greatness of this opportunity.

    I believe that this property might be one of the few projects to stand above the Trump properties in South Florida.

  • Kevin Tomlinson


    The interest that I am getting already is INCREDIBLE. Many people have compared Canyon to the Setai, but it is not comparable at all. I toured the project today and I could begin to feel the energy.

  • Franck Dossa – Condo-Hotel in Miami and Miami Beach

    I agree with you Kevin, Canyon Ranch Miami Beach is a destination in its own.

    It is actually a challenge for us Realtors to convey this message that this is more than just another real estate investment, this is an investment on your own health, and this can’t have a price.

    Thanks for your very informative blog. Best regards.

    Franck Dossa @

  • Carole Cohen

    Kevin this is a super duper blog, clean clear and beautiful all at the same time. Good luck to you and have fun! You seem tuned in to your market and that is the best part!

  • Kevin Tomlinson

    Wow Carole!

    Did you know I was from Cleveland? Brook Park, actually. I better know the market, I’ve been doing this for 15 years!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  • Karen McCarthy

    Great Blog! I am actually a part of the sales team that presentated the project. I am glad our message got through. he is 100% correct about this being so much more than just just a condo, it is an investment in yourself. If you are interested in obtaining a copy of the video he is referring to, please contact me at
    Just let me know that Kevin T sent you and I will be glad to send one out.
    Great Blog!

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    Interesting post. I have made a twitter post about this. Others no doubt will like it like I did.

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