Over the last few months, I have been mildly following the tax reform see-saw.  In the very beginning, it was “thought” (or more likely, hoped for) that Florida property taxes were going to be completely eliminated.  Many people jumped on the “no more property tax” bandwagon.  E-mails were sent, initiatives were started.  I, for one, did not get caught up in the ying and yang of it all.  No mass e-mails from me!

You know why?  I have common sense.  Who in their right mind realistically believed that property taxes, being as astronomical as they are, would be COMPLETELY eliminated.

So, here we are with a really complicated and IMPOSSIBLE to figure out tax-reform proposal that in no way resembles the initial hoopla of the “Florida to completely eliminate property taxes” SLOGAN.

Hmmm…feels a lot like the insurance reform we were promised, no?